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Please call before arriving to confirm that groomer is on staff and available for grooming! We ONLY groom small mammals, birds, and some reptiles. We do not groom cats, dogs, and other animals. Thanks for understanding!



Green Cheek

  • $10.00 - Wings

  • $10.00- Nails

  • $18.00 - Both

Sun/Jenday Conure/Senegals/Lorikeets

  • $15.00- Wings

  • $15.00- Nails

  • $25.00- Bot

Cockatoo/Macaw/Chicken/African Grey

  • $18.00-Wings

  • $18.00-Nails

  • $28.00-Both

Small Mammal Grooming

  • $17.00 - Nails

  • $32.00-Guinea Pig and Rabbit Haircut and Groom (by appointment only)

What to expect
  • Your animal will be groomed as quickly and efficiently as possible

  • Your animal will NOT be handled/touched by anyone except an employee of the Animal Connection

  • You cannot come into the grooming room with us. Your pet is much more likely to protest while being groomed if you're in the room with us! Thanks for your understanding.

Boarding policies
  • Please bring your own towel.

  • We may refuse to groom your pet for any reason. Typical reasons include hot weather and existing injury or illness.

  • Boarding and Grooming are sometimes stressful for your animal.  With many years of experience, we have and will always do our best to keep your pet calm and content, but occasionally the stress can cause injury or even be fatal.  For animals with health conditions, excess stress may be especially harmful, so use your discretion when deciding to bring them in for grooming.

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