Here at the Animal Connection, we pride ourselves on the way we take care of our animals.  And we know that when you go away on vacation, you are looking for experienced compassionate caretakers to watch your little loved ones. We are happy to offer you these boarding options so when you take time away, you can relax and know that we will show the same care for your animal as we do our own.

​What you can expect

  • Animal(s) will be provided fresh food and water everyday. 

  • Animal(s) will be cleaned and checked up on throughout the day.

  • Animal will NOT be handled/touched by anyone except an employee of The Animal Connection (unless necessary). 

Boarding Policy

  • All cages must be clean and in good condition upon arrival.

  • Bring your animal's diet (specifically for a bird on pelleted one) and any treats you wish.  We can supply the food if your bird is on a seeded diet.

  • We cannot supply cooked warm food.

  • Any animal with a medical condition, special needs, or seems to be ill upon arrival will NOT be able to board. 

  • Customer MUST provide an emergency contact number. 

  • There is no guarantee of space availability during major Holidays.  Please make a reservation early!!

Boarding Fees

$12.00/ day 32x18 Cage or Smaller

$15.00/day greater than 32x18

$20.00 for a Rental Cage (must make reservations)

Small Animal Boarding
(Rats, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas and Hamsters only)

Bird Boarding

$12.00 /Day 18x18 cage or smaller

$15.00/ Day Greater than 18x18 but no deeper than 20in.

$20.00/Day for a Rental Cage (must make reservations)

*Bird Boarders must be boarded in appropriate sized, clean cages. Please inform staff of any special needs*

*A reservation is necessary. Please call us at 415-564-6482

Reptile Boarding

$12/day 10-gallon tank or smaller. 

$15/day 10-20 gallon tank.

$20/day 20-40 gallon tank.

$20/day for a rented store enclosure.

Please call for availability, limited space and are not able to board boas, pythons, or chameleons.

We are also not able to feed live mice! If you'd like us to feed them during their stay, they must eat frozen mice!

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