Boarding Information

We pride ourselves on the way we take care of our animals. We know that when you go away on vacation, you are looking for experienced compassionate caretakers to watch your little loved ones. Having boarded animals for the past 30 years, you won't find more qualified group of experts to care for your pets! We are happy to offer you these boarding options so when you take time away, you can relax and know that we will show the same care for your animal as we do our own.

What you can expect
  • Animal(s) will be provided fresh food and water everyday. 

  • Animal(s) will be cleaned and checked up on throughout the day.

  • Animal will NOT be handled/touched by anyone except an employee of The Animal Connection (unless necessary). 

  • Basic diet will be provided free of charge. Guinea pigs/rabbits are offered Oxbow pellets, fresh greens and timothy hay. Reptiles receive a variety of bugs (including but not limited to crickets, mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches, hornworms, and waxworms) as well as fresh greens (depending on diet requirements). Birds are offered seeds appropriate to their species.

Before you drop off
  • Make sure your cage is clean and in good condition upon arrival.

  • Bring your animal's diet (specifically for a bird on pelleted one) and any treats you wish.  We can supply the food if your bird is on a seeded diet. Please note cannot supply cooked warm food.

  • Notify staff ahead of time if animals have special medical instructions. Any animal with a medical condition, special needs, or seems to be ill upon arrival may be refused upon drop-off. 

  • Make sure you made a reservation! We do fill up during the holiday season and in the summers. Boarding availability is NOT guaranteed. 

  • Read the rest of the terms & conditions!

Boarding Fees

Bird Boarding
  • $12.00 /day 18"x18" cage or smaller

  • $15.00/day greater than 18"x18" but no deeper than 20".

  • $20.00/Day for a Rental Cage (must make reservations)

  • *Bird Boarders must be boarded in appropriate sized, clean cages. Please inform staff of any special needs*

Small mammal boarding

The small mammals we board include guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, and chinchillas.

  • $12.00/ day 32"x18" cage or smaller

  • $15.00/day greater than 32"x18"

  • $20.00 for a rental cage (must make reservations)

Reptile & Amphibian boarding

$12/day 10-gallon tank or smaller. 

$15/day tanks larger than 10-gallon.

$20/day for a rented store enclosure.

Please make a reservation as we have low availability for reptile boarding.

According to San Francisco municipal code Sec. 51 Definition of "Wild and Potentially Dangerous Animal", it is illegal to sell and own boas, pythons, front or rear fanged snakes, and any animal that's venomous (tarantulas, scorpions, etc). Unfortunately, we cannot accept any animals that fall under these categories. 

Get in Touch!

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Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Closed 11/26, 12/25, and 01/01

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Please call for grooming appointment as our groomer availability is limited!