Q: Are you open? Can we come in and shop?

A: Yes! We're open to the public and are also offering curbside pickup. We have limited capacity of 8 people in store at once, so you may have to wait in line, if we are at capacity. If you are vulnerable and would like to request special shopping hours please contact us by email or phone. If you choose to come in you MUST wear a mask and adhere to social distancing. We still ask that you make your trip quick! If you want to adopt an animal, please see the question below.

Q: Can I adopt an animal?

A: We're doing limited animal adoptions. Please do your research before choosing an animal to adopt. We DON'T have any hamsters. We're VERY limited on birds. Currently we have NO ETA for those animals. We guess that it may take several more months before we have any of those available. The ONLY animals we have available for adoption are some fish (bettas, guppies, mollies, tetras), Rescued Bearded Dragons, one Australian Blue Eyed Whites Tree Frog, male rescued veiled chameleon, one rescued Red Iguana, and one female former feeder rat. We have NO other animals available. *This information has been updated on 02/09/2021. This may not reflect our current adoptable pets. 

Q: Are you still boarding/grooming birds, small mammals, and reptiles?

A: Yes! We have open availability for boarding reservations! Walk-ins accepted unless you'd like to rent an enclosure, then you must call (415)564-6482 or email info@animalconnectionsf.net in advance. Guinea pig nail grooming can be done Sunday through Wednesday, Rabbit nail grooming can be done Monday and Tuesday. Bird grooming can only be done on Thursday and Saturday. Please call prior to coming in as our grooming schedule is dependent on staff availability and is subject to change. We don't board or groom dogs or cats!

Q: Can I park in your loading zone?

A: We do not own the loading zone and cannot control who gets tickets there. Customers have been parking there for a quick moment for curbside pickup, but any non-commercial vehicle parked there is subject to getting fined by the city! Please park at your own risk.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We just extended our temporary hours. We're now open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm & Sunday 12pm-6pm.

Q: Can I get free dog/cat food through your pet bank?

A: Yes you can! Please go to animalconnectionsf.net/keepyourpet and or click here to register!