Animal-Safe Halloween Decorations

October 22, 2018

Recently a friend of mine was walking her dog in the neighborhood when she heard a loud thud and the sound of a frantic bird flapping its wings. After finding the source of the noise, she realized that a small sparrow got stuck in the spider web decorations hung on a tree outside a house. Luckily, she's worked with birds for the past couple of decades so she knew how to properly handle the bird. 


What if no one had been walking by that house that day? The bird could've hurt itself trying to get free. An injured wild bird is almost certain death in the city. What if it was a squirrel, rat or mouse that got trapped? Oftentimes, squirrels, mice and rats will get their limbs caught in these fibers and will chew off their own limbs in order to break free! Not only will this animal certainly perish, but the disease that wild squirrels, mice and rats carry is now smeared onto your decorations. 


If you see an animal in danger, please DO NOT try to help it on your own. As cute and helpless an animal may be, they must be handled by trained professionals only. It's also illegal to feed or care for wild/native animals. 


Now that we've gone over just how dangerous these decorations can be, here's a list of decorations to stay away from this Fall.


Outdoor decorations:

1. spiderweb decorations

2. open flame lit jack-o-lanterns

3. candy in bowls left overnight

4. rubber eyeballs, spider rings, and other small decorations are a choking hazard


Indoor decorations:

1. scented candles are toxic to birds

2. candy can be toxic to pets

3. rubber eyeballs, spider rings, and other small decorations are a choking hazard

4. string lighting--pets love to chew on wires

5. fake blood is toxic to pets


If you think your pet has ingested any of these, call your vet immediately. It's not a bad idea to learn pet CPR and the pet Heimlich maneuver. 






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