Prepare your Pets for an Emergency

October 6, 2018

We see it in the news all the time--a city is struck by a natural disaster. Whether it's floods, earthquakes, fires, or hurricanes, be prepared! In the event of an emergency you'll want to have your pet micro-chipped and make sure you register the microchip. Microchips are often unregistered and when they end up in shelters, the shelter would have no way of finding the owner because the microchip has no information. Also license your pet. Dog and cat licenses are easy to get--you can apply online. This part doesn't always apply to birds, small animals, and reptiles.


Here's a list of supplies for your dog/cat that you should always have ready to go:

-72 hours worth of food (canned has a later expiration date than dry food)

-bottled water



-bowls for food and water


-vaccination records and license

-medication for 72-hours

-ID tags (should be on collar at all times)

-for cats a litter box and litter

-first aid kit


Your first aid kid should have:


-alcohol wipes

-medical tape

-antibiotic ointment

-pet shampoo

-styptic powder

-saline solution

-scissors with blunt end

-cotton balls


It's also a good idea to learn dog/cat CPR and the dog/cat Heimlich maneuver.


 For small animals:


-72 hours worth of food/bedding

-carrying cage

-water dish or bottle

-bottled water

-comfort items (towel or fleece blanket that smells like them)

-vitamins (for animals like guinea pigs that need fresh produce for vitamin c supplement)


For birds:

-carrying cage

-dishes for food and water


-brown paper bags for cage substrate

-72 hours worth of food

-bottled water


For reptiles:

-carrier (with a hide for comfort)

-plan for heat source

*this is crucial. A reptile can likely go a long time without heating but some will die if the temperature drops too far down. Have a plan in action that will keep your pet warm.

-dish for water

-bottled water

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