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June 22, 2018

“Nowhere does a Person reveal good or bad manners more decisively than dealing with Pets. The child who handles all pets gently, never teases or frightens his or her own or any other animal, and keeps their animals clean, well fed, and happy, has learned a valuable and basic rule of decent conduct to human beings as well.”

Book of Etiquette, 1945


As a young child my parents allowed me to be surrounded by the Furry, feathery, scaley--and even sometimes the slimy--of all the Animal Kingdom. They taught me the importance of animals and the care and respect they should be treated with and how special and close the bond can be if done well. As far as history goes, animals and humans have had special symbiotic relationships in work and in play. This is important today as well. Of course things have changed to current knowledge and care, but keeping pets will always be part of our lives.  


Our mission statement here at the Animal Connection and a goal we keep close is to help animals and people create positive relationships. We strive to find the perfect home for our animals and the perfect animal for their new parent or parents. This is not always easy, expectations can not always be true or compatible when media is involved. Trust me, there is a lot of information out in "internet land" that is not correct. Our family here at the Animal Connection has over 50 years of animal experience combined and can help with most animal questions or needs! 


Ultimately, I would like to acknowledge those animals in shelters. We fully support the idea of adoption and encourage those who want to adopt to do so. We have many resources listed in our website that are great resources and we will help support your animals needs in present and future. If you are looking for more information about types of pets that would be suitable for you and your family, you're welcome to come in and ask/talk to anyone of our staff members. We are not like any other pet shop you will see around. Its worth to check us out, meet our animals, experience animals up close and get to know them. Hold a bird, pet a bunny, feed a fish! And who knows you may have just made a new friend to take home. Become a part of the Animal Nation! 


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