One fish, two fish, 3 fish, Four!

November 8, 2016

One day little Johnny and Suzie came home from school and surprised their parents with a couple new pets they won as prizes from the carnival they went to that day. Little comet goldfish.! 2 each they won as they mastered the art of throwing a ping pong ball in a little glass bowl. 

Now we have all done this , I know I have. My parents were not thrilled to find out at the local pet shop that for every goldfish I had won I needed at least 3-5 gallons of water per inch of Fish  to support its life. I won 5! To keep them alive  my parents would have had to buy a 50 gallon tank. One Fish, two Fish Three Fish , WHAOOHH!

These little goldfish do not stay little for very long. They are in the Carp family and some carp have been know to get up to 24 to 36 inches long, and sometimes even bigger when in pond conditions. So very important to understand and remember that these cute little free goldfish and not going to be free to keep and support in a small bowl or filtered system.  The rule we tell our customers is for every inch of goldfish you need AT LEAST 3-5 gallons of water to support it.

So why do carnivals/ festival give them away or pet shops sell them? 

Giving goldfish away as prizes has been going on for years,its become a iconic,:" a easy cheap pet to take care of" , which is NOT TRUE. In fact in the UK, its illegal to give away comet goldfish as prizes.

Why to pet stores sell them? 

Most pet stores sell these little comet goldfish not as pets but for food for other animals such as turtles or large fish.

What do I do with these goldfish when Johnny and Suzie bring them home.?

1) Support your local pet store and buy them what they need to survive, may cost you more then you wanted to spend, but this will be a new pet you and your kids can learn about and teach the responsibility of fish keeping. You never know you may inspire someone to become a Aquarist!

2) Some pet stores will take them off your hands for you as a relinquishment or exchange for a smaller fish that could live in a smaller environment like a Betta fish.

3) Know someone with a backyard pond? 

If you have the right set-up, Goldfish can make wonderful pets, as they swim around exploring everything in their new home, They always are ready for feeding time and will come up to greet you when you pass by their tank. They are also many different types of goldfish and some quite cute!.They have a lot of energy and can be taught to eat out of your hand and learn little tricks with food rewards. They are actually very intelligent creatures. !

So next time a gold fish comes home unexpected, I hope you keep this Blog in mind. You can give the little guy a chance and give him an awesome new home! Thank you for taking the time to read this . If you have any further questions give us a call!






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