Help! I Have Algae in my Fresh Water Tank!

October 25, 2014



Why do I have Algae in my Tank?


Algae are little organisms that live in your water. Algae growth simply means that there is life happening in your water.  It is NOT bad.  It may be unsightly, but it is good!


If I put a Sucker fish, will they eat all the algae?


It seems like it would be.  However, sometimes there is not enough algae within the tank for the Sucker fish (usually a Pleco) to survive on.  Most people end up buying commercial algae wafers to feed them...which defeated the whole purpose of getting them to begin with.  Think carefully about Plecos, Otocats, and other Algae-eating fish.


If I put a Snail in the tank, will they eat all the algae?

The problem with snails is that they give off ammonia, so while you put them in to clean the tank, they will be simultaneously DIRTY-ING the tank.


Should I use a commercial algae remover?


If it were my tank, I would not use a chemical to remove aglae.  If you put chemicals into your tank, you run the risk of stressing out your fresh water inhabitants.  The tips down below will help you get rid of algae in a less invasive way.









Only feed your fish ONCE-A-DAY. ONE pinch of food, whatever they eat in 2 minutes.




Make sure your fish tank is NOT in direct sun light.  Cover the back and sides of the tank with a background.  This will limit ambient light.  Algae needs lots of time in the light to grow.  If you can, set your lights to a timer and schedule them go off for a few minutes during the day.  The algae won't have a chance to grow.




Aquatic plants battle algae for the vital nutrients within the aquarium water.  Plants ALWAYS win.  So the more plants you have, the more nutrients will go to them, and not the algae.




Make Sure you are cleaning your tank on a regular basis.  I suggest cutting away dead leaves and roots.  Scrubbing algae off tank, and then syphoning out 10-20% of the water ONCE-EVERY-WEEK. 



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Help! I Have Algae in my Fresh Water Tank!

October 25, 2014

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