The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

October 17, 2014



What are the Wild Parrots of Telgraph Hill?


They are a flock of wild birds that live in San Francisco.  They fly all around the city, and people love to go in search of them.


What kind of birds are they?


They are  Cherry-Headed Conures.  They are a type of Parrot.


Where are they originally from?


Cherry-Headed Conures are orginially from South America near Ecuador and Peru.


How long do they live?


These conures can leave 30+ years in optimal conditions.


What do they eat?


They SHOULD be eating a variety of fruits, flowers, and greens.  Here in San Francisco, people feed them seeds, which is not the best diet for them.  Please don't feed the birds.


How did they get here?


We don't know.  It is a wonderful Urban Mystery.


Is it illegal to catch and keep them as pets?


Generally, it is illegal to catch and keep Native Speicies.  I'm not sure the official status of these birds, since technically they are NOT native, but it is highly unlikely that keeping an able member of the flock is legal.  I would say DO NOT TRAP AND KEEP THEM.


How many are there?


Back in the early 2000s there were about 25.  Currently, there are about 200.









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