Help, my animal has FLEAS!!

September 28, 2014

Here is a list of things you can do if your dog or cat gets fleas.



1) Bathe Dog or Cat with a medicated Shampoo


Here at the store we sell ZODIAC.  ZODIAC contains (S)-Methoprene which is an Insect Growth Regulator, that kills flea eggs and Pyrethrins which attack the fleas nervous system.


2)Quickly medicate your dog


We like BIO-GROOM REPEL-35.  You spray your animal all over their fur.  The active ingredient is Permethrin (synthetic Pyrethrin) which will kill AND repel fleas. We also carry ZODIAC Spray and Powder which contains (S)-Methoprene which inhibits egg growth , and Pyrethrins which attack the fleas nervous system. 





2)Use a Once-a-month flea control


We like ADVANTAGE II.  There are two active ingredients that make ADVANTAGE II so powerful. The first is imidacloprid which causes paralysis within the ADULT flea.  The second ingredient is pyriproxyfen* which prevents the eggs from hatching.  This medication must be done every month for it to be effective.  It needs to build up in your dog or cat's immune system.


We also like SENTRY's FIPROGUARD.  It is a more affordable version of Frontline.  Both use the powerful ingredient Fipronil which causes paralysis within both ADULT fleas AND ticks.  The second ingredient is (S)-Methoprene which will kill flea eggs. 


Please note: there is no effective treatment for tick eggs yet.


3) Brush with Flea Comb


Brushing with a flea comb should be used in conjunction with another form of treatment.  It will help cut down the amount of live fleas very quickly.


4) Treat the House

We carry more ZODIAC products for the house. ZODIAC foggers, carpet powders and sprays.  Their basic ingredients are (S)-Methoprene which kills flea eggs and Permethrin which will kill AND repels  fleas.


Please note: DO NOT OVER MEDICATE! If you are topically medicating your animal, DO NOT medicate your house.  If you are medicating your house, DO NOT medicate your animal.  Pick JUST one! And if you want to do another treatment as well, make it an all-natural treatment. 



To learn more about Flea Treatments, check out these links:





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