Reptiles we carry

We currently have several

leopard geckos and bearded

dragons (rescues) and we

frequently get more reptiles on

a rescue basis. Call for



*We do not carry turtles or tortoises. Because of the large amount of turtles/tortoises in rescue facilities, we encourage to adopt! Any turtle or tortoise under 4 inches is illegal to sell nationwide.  When Considering a turtle please take the time to research about what turtle would be good for your home. You may also call or come in our store and we would be happy to talk to you about turtles and how you can rescue one! Thank you!

Tanks and Dry goods

*We no longer carry live feeder rats/mice. We will, however, still have frozen rats and will be more than happy to help your snake transition to frozen.

​Foods We Carry

Live foods

  • Crickets (1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 week sizes)
  • Mealworms (small, medium, and large-(Super)
  • Hornworms (call for availability)
  • Silkworms (occasionally!) 
  • Earthworms (large, mini, and red worms)
  • Waxworms
  • Dubia (small/medium)
  • Fruit flies
  • Feeder fish (large and small) 

Frozen foods

  • ​Mice (5 sizes - pinkies to jumbo adult)

  • Rats (5 sizes - small to X-large)

  • Dubia (small/medium/large)

Products We Carry

  • ​Wide variety of heating and lighting supplies

  • Terrariums

  • Sand, Coconut bark, Aspen and other substrates

  • Cork bark, rocks and woods

  • Many other products by Zoo Med, Exo Terra, T-Rex, Rep-Cal, Tetra, Flukers, and Zilla

  • Various types of foods-packaged or freeze dried
  • Boarding and grooming services are availabe
DID YOU KNOW that cork bark is a natural product that comes from the outer bark of the cork oak tree that is great for reptiles?
It is carefully harvested every 9 years or so allowing new bark to grow in its place with out ever damaging or killing  the tree. At The Animal Connection, we can supply you with cork bark of a variety of sizes/shapes and the employees can explain more about it. 

Reptile related salmonella is a valid threat for all reptile handlers. Take the following precautions to limit the chances of salmonella and ecoli infections!

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before and after handling any reptile and any reptile cage.

  • Pregnant/nursing women, elderly or young people, and anybody with a compromised immune system should not handle reptiles.

  • Regularly clean cage and substrate.

  • Keep hands away from your face when handling reptiles.

  • Bathing reptiles should not be done in your personal sink or tub.

Avoiding Reptile-Related Salmonella

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