At our store, we have a variety of birds available. We have a variety of handfed and parend-fed rescued parrots and finches available! We also sell a variety of supplies needed to properly care for these birds. Learn more about our Boarding and Grooming services


Foods we carry
  • ​Preferred Exotic Bird Diets (bulk seed)
  • Harrison's Bird Foods
  • Kaylor of Colorado - Sweet Harvest
  • Roudybush
  • Home Grown Chick Starter - Layer Crumble, Layer Pellet, and Hen Scratch
  • Modesto Milling Organic Chick Starter, Hen Scratch and Layer Feed
  • Golden Farm Products - California Spray Millet
  • Lafeber's Pellet- and Nutri-Berries for all birds
  • Lory-Life Powder and Nectar
  • Nature's Cafe Wild Bird Seed
  • Vitakraft treats
  • ZuPreem pellet

Got  Chickens?

Urban farming is an amazing way to get fresh eggs without having to go to the store or support factory farming. We would love to have a coop with chickens, but unfortunately we don't have the space. Eggs are an amazing source of protein for all kinds of animals, including, but not limited to, our reptiles, hamsters, rats, and various birds. If you find yourself with a surplus of eggs, bring them in and get 10% off chicken supplies

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