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The Animal Connection was established in 1987, and is San Francisco's largest independent pet store. We are not your typical pet shop. To us, each pet is unique and is family, so we strive to find the perfect fit between people and their pets. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about animals. 

Meet The Team


We carry premium and progressive dog and cat diets. We also offer a huge selection of dog & cat toys and supplies. Our high quality live and frozen foods for reptiles, amphibians and fish are readily available and fairly priced! Grab some top of the line cages, accessories and toys to spoil your feathered friend! We offer name brand pelleted foods as well as bulk and packaged seeds. We have rescue guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters as well as cages supplies and behavioral enrichment items for when you take home your new furry friend! We have rescue reptiles including, but not limited to, leopard geckos, crested geckos, bearded dragons, veiled chameleons, and corn and king snakes. 

Our Animals

Animal welfare is a passion of ours. If you're thinking about taking home a pet, our expert staff will pair you up with the right animal for you! We do NOT sell dogs, cats, or rabbits and always suggest adoption. These are the top three animals that occupy shelters! We also carry premium pet supplies to keep your pet happy and healthy. We do not support breeding mills! We work closely with rescue organizations to save as many animals as we can. Support rescue and responsible breeding by going to The Animal Connection!

Beya Alcaraz


Beya grew up going to The Animal Connection and is determined to continue its dedication towards ethical pet care through rescue! She's a lover of all animals, and is passionate about animal welfare!


"The Bird Guy"

With a degree in Ornithology from UC Berkeley, Joe is our expert on all things Avian! He's worked with all kinds of birds, from canaries, to macaws, to ostriches! As a Certified Avian Specialist, he can help you with all your avian needs.


"General Manager"

As the former owner and new General Manager of The Animal Connection, Jennifer is an expert in pet care! With experience at places like the SF Zoo, Jen's worked with animals for over 25 years. 


"Animal Caretaker"

Kierra is passionate about aquatics and small mammals! Also known as our "hamster girl" or "rat lady", she's our go-to when it comes to taming small mammals! If you come by, you're likely to see her with a rat, guinea pig or a hamster in her arms!

Juaneya "Animal Caretaker"

Juaneya, our newest member, is as much of an animal lover as the rest of us! With extensive experience in dog and cat care, she fits right in here! We're happy to have her as our newest team member!

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